Chronicle of an Explorer

I love Texas and I appreciate this city of Houston, particularly for its eclectic blend and cosmopolitan flavor while still relaxed and laid back. This is my refuge and the center of operations of all of my explorations, the Bayou City.

Two Topics – Two

The majority of the emotions that I expressed through these lines are based or originated in images. The images of color and the shapes that impress me, I have been always impressed by them and the older I get the greater the shock is; and the bigger the desire to capture the images that are recorded in my memory. This is why I write and keep all these travel notes and scrapbooks, with the intention to perpetuate those lines and colors.

There are two particular topics that inspire me to write. The first one, is about any adventure outside of the refuge, whether it is 1 mile or 10,000 miles away, any adventure and exploration deserves a good analysis. The human capacity to move from one place to another, whether this is by foot, bike, motorcycle, skates, skis, snowshoes, horse, mule, train, car, airplane, ship, sailboat or kayak quiets its natural and sometimes contradictory hunger for discovery and at the same time for finding the right place where she or he wants to finally settle. The departure produces an overwhelming and exciting feeling and the return is usually a great relief. We can stop here to reflect and discuss for a long time.

The second topic is all about the emotions produced by the shapes and lines of the creation. My quest for searching and finding harmonic accents and aesthetic expressions is part of my passion, my everyday joy and what fills me with energy and life. Not everybody is attracted by the same colors and shapes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just look around yourself and will find lots of objects that attract your attention and others that you are totally indifferent about and maybe others that even bother your or you reject.