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Urban Superhero

Posted on: April 26th, 2015 by Manuel

I love the underdog superhero, the one that is not really understood, the one that seems to be normal but at the same time different.

There is no better reward in life than giving something to others, material or otherwise, but it requires sacrifice, modesty, selflessness, in other words: to get off track and stop and give our support and help.

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a good conversation with good friends in the porch, doing the normal thing on a cool spring Saturday afternoon and we were talking about doing good things for others. I said to my friends how much I love to be an urban superhero, I really love it and we were talking about those actions that we have carried out during our lives that lead us to assist in an urban extraordinary way to others. Like a good boy scout but with a business suit and work schedule.

How many times we have seen others in trouble and did ZERO, NOTHING, NADA. But how good do we feel when we stopped our selfish world and helped, I can still enjoy the feeling now for those few occasions in which I have decided to be the urban equalizer.

Have you been an urban superhero lately, or ever before?

Next Flight

Posted on: April 18th, 2015 by Manuel

I woke up in this old hotel located in the northeast of Brazil – tired and missing my family after 8 days on the road – I always wake up in my business trips with these thoughts: I wish my family were here to see what I see, I wish I can stay for 2 more nights without having to work and spend time just for me and explore this place, sleeping until 9 am and having a quiet and long breakfast and then run for one hour in a nice area of this place.

We do not choose our life as a whole, we live a life as it comes and select what is best at the moment. Most of the time, we never come back to that place we loved and we thought about returning one day – that is how life unfolds for most of us.

The luxury of flexibility and time and money do not always align.

So this morning, after my thoughts – I stayed in bed for a little extra while looking at the ceiling – stretched my arms and legs as hard as I could, like a happy dog does it – and realized that one day could be as short or as long as anyone’s life and instead of thinking about coming back and the extra days – I thought – this is my day – This is my life – this is my day life – this is it, all I have, all I am is here – my thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, desires, dreams, expectations and my will to do things now.

I jumped off the bed and took a long shower in this great bathroom, shaved and took a few extra minutes to get dressed and arrange my hanker-chief in the pocket of the sport jacket and left my room – walked the wooden halls and felt like a colonial person, a conquistador, listening my steps while going downstairs – then I met my business colleagues and had a coffee looking at the vast Atlantic Ocean in a warm fall morning.

We were ready to go to work – on our way to the office I carefully observed the details of this old city and tried to memorized the smells, the colors, the shapes.

When we settled in the meeting room I noticed after 12 hours of being there how the view of the city changed, almost by the hour, with the amount of day light, until was fully decorated with the public lighting, the traffic lights and the vehicles traveling back and forth – another day was all gone like the candle lights that we blow when we are little kids – all gone.

Now is time to catch my next flight.

Return of a Dream ~ Retorno de un Sueño (Rio de Janeiro)

Posted on: October 5th, 2014 by Manuel

The flight is at cruising speed…

Is this the first time in my life? – Not really, is this a fortune and blessing? – You bet it is.
This is a return, not a dream anymore.

I am back and with this encounter, the illusion and dream is over. No more waiting, no more expectations.
There is nothing more exciting than return to a place you’d loved for the first time – the lights, the sounds, the smells, the shapes and flavors are all back, and are all new – all at once, this is not a dream is a part of me that is alive and I am truly back.

I can hear your voices, I can hug your souls – yes, I am back – this is a return, and being back at you it is a return to revive the dream, our dream, for longing you, for having you in my arms and talk about it together, about the last journey we shared in this same place. And being completely absorbed by your presence and feel your skin, your nose, your ears, the smell of your little person and the touch of your hand, while hearing your voice.

If the return to old places is good, then the regrouping with you is nothing but haven – and would not want to do anything else other than merge the return with the dream, the dream of yours my son. You have arrived to my life, you have made my dream return to a reality, a reality of me being an arch and you being the arrow that I always want to chase, the return of a dream, a dream that returns with every take off, with every landing, and only in this way, I would be able to appreciate and sense how much I love to explore out there and return to you – my haven, now, tomorrow and forever.

El vuelo está a velocidad de crucero…

Es esta la primera vez de mi vida? – En verdad no lo es, Es esta una fortuna y una bendición? – Apuesta a que si lo es.
Este es el retorno, no es ya sólo un sueño.

Estoy de regreso con este encuentro, la ilusión de que sea un sueño ha terminado. No hay más espera, no hay más expectativa.

No hay nada más emocionante que retornar a un lugar, del que te enamoraste la primera vez – las luces, los sonidos, los olores, las formas y los sabores, todos regresan de un golpe, todos son nuevos – y todo esto al mismo tiempo, esto no es un sueño, es una parte de mi que está viva e indica que estoy verdaderamente de vuelta.

Puedo escuchar sus voces, puedo abrazar sus almas – Sí – estoy de vuelta – esté es un retorno, y regresar a ustedes es un retorno para revivir el sueño, nuestro sueño, por el anhelo de verles. por tenerte en mis brazo y hablar juntos de la última expedición que compartimos en este mismo sitio al que he vuelto. Y estar completamente absorbido por tu presencia y sentir tu piel, tu nariz, tus oídos, el olor de tu pequeña persona y sentir tu mano mientras escucho tu voz.

Si el retorno a lugares es bueno, entonces el reencuentro contigo, no es otra cosa que el refugio mismo – y no quisiera hacer otra cosa que fundir el retorno con el sueño, tu mismo sueño, hijo mío. Llegaste a mi vida, has hecho que mi sueño retorne a una realidad, la realidad en la que yo soy un arco y tu eres la flecha que siempre quiero alcanzar, el regreso del sueño, un sueño que retorna con cada despegue, con cada aterrizaje, y solo de esta manera, podría apreciar y percibir cuanto adoro explorar para luego regresar a tí, mi refugio, ahora, mañana y por siempre.

Mandamientos de un Aztlanauta

Posted on: July 28th, 2013 by Manuel

1. Siempre explora, no tengas miedo.

2. Aprende nuevas cosas todos los días(ideas, eventos, biografías, cultura, geografía, ciencia).

3. Haz lo mejor que puedas con los recursos disponibles a tu alcance.

4. Visitar lugares no es suficiente, conoce a su gente y valora las diferencias.

5. Siempre se parte de un sistema de apoyo comunitario, pide ayuda y ofrece ayuda.

6. El viaje talvez tenga un premio al final; pero es probable que lo único que obtengas al final sea la satisfacción de haber hecho el viaje.

7. Vive cada día como si fuera un ciclo completo de vida – nace al amanecer y ve a dormir totalmente satisfecho y exhausto.

8. Se feliz con quien eres – tolerate a ti mismo – en ocasiones, tu mismo serás la única compañía que tendrás en el viaje.

9. Toma notas – la memoria falla – más adelante tendrás que recordar personas, lugares y eventos.

10. Si puedes – regresa a los lugares antes que descubriste, exploraste o aventuraste – re-descubriras un lugar completamente distinto.

Commandments of the Common Explorer

Posted on: July 28th, 2013 by Manuel

1. Always Explore, do not be afraid.

2. Learn something new everyday (ideas, events, people’s lives, culture, geography, science).

3. Do your best with the resources available at your reach.

4. Going places is not enough, meet the people and appreciate the differences.

5. Always be part of a community support system, seek help and offer help.

6. The journey may have an award at the end; but most likely the only thing we will get is the reward of the journey itself.

7. Live each day like if it was a full cycle of life – be born at sunrise and go to bed fully satisfied and exhausted.

8. Be happy with who you are – and tolerate yourself – you may be the only travel companion you have at times.

9. Take notes – the memory fails – you may need to remember people, places and events later on.

10. If you could – go back to those places that you discovered, explored or adventured before – you will re-discover a full new place.