April 26, 2015

Urban Superhero

I love the underdog superhero, the one that is not really understood, the one that seems to be normal but at the same time different.

There is no better reward in life than giving something to others, material or otherwise, but it requires sacrifice, modesty, selflessness, in other words: to get off track and stop and give our support and help.

Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a good conversation with good friends in the porch, doing the normal thing on a cool spring Saturday afternoon and we were talking about doing good things for others. I said to my friends how much I love to be an urban superhero, I really love it and we were talking about those actions that we have carried out during our lives that lead us to assist in an urban extraordinary way to others. Like a good boy scout but with a business suit and work schedule.

How many times we have seen others in trouble and did ZERO, NOTHING, NADA. But how good do we feel when we stopped our selfish world and helped, I can still enjoy the feeling now for those few occasions in which I have decided to be the urban equalizer.

Have you been an urban superhero lately, or ever before?

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