April 18, 2015

Next Flight

I woke up in this old hotel located in the northeast of Brazil – tired and missing my family after 8 days on the road – I always wake up in my business trips with these thoughts: I wish my family were here to see what I see, I wish I can stay for 2 more nights without having to work and spend time just for me and explore this place, sleeping until 9 am and having a quiet and long breakfast and then run for one hour in a nice area of this place.

We do not choose our life as a whole, we live a life as it comes and select what is best at the moment. Most of the time, we never come back to that place we loved and we thought about returning one day – that is how life unfolds for most of us.

The luxury of flexibility and time and money do not always align.

So this morning, after my thoughts – I stayed in bed for a little extra while looking at the ceiling – stretched my arms and legs as hard as I could, like a happy dog does it – and realized that one day could be as short or as long as anyone’s life and instead of thinking about coming back and the extra days – I thought – this is my day – This is my life – this is my day life – this is it, all I have, all I am is here – my thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, desires, dreams, expectations and my will to do things now.

I jumped off the bed and took a long shower in this great bathroom, shaved and took a few extra minutes to get dressed and arrange my hanker-chief in the pocket of the sport jacket and left my room – walked the wooden halls and felt like a colonial person, a conquistador, listening my steps while going downstairs – then I met my business colleagues and had a coffee looking at the vast Atlantic Ocean in a warm fall morning.

We were ready to go to work – on our way to the office I carefully observed the details of this old city and tried to memorized the smells, the colors, the shapes.

When we settled in the meeting room I noticed after 12 hours of being there how the view of the city changed, almost by the hour, with the amount of day light, until was fully decorated with the public lighting, the traffic lights and the vehicles traveling back and forth – another day was all gone like the candle lights that we blow when we are little kids – all gone.

Now is time to catch my next flight.

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